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Think Purple!
...distribution through their gift departments. Purple Sage was asked to develop a compelling look with concise visuals for the new product lines. The look had to be distinctive and the branding executed skillfully in order to succeed among multiple competing products in their gift shops. Purple Sage used rich colors and everyday subject matter to produce vibrant illustrations for the coffee mugs and bookmarks product line. Our approach to the design resulted in immediate popularity; the items sold out as soon as they hit the shelves, requiring frequent reorders. The campaign was considered a huge success.
...new direction through strong visuals and design. Capturing the company’s values was a top priority. The feel was to be one of “renewal.” The report would be distributed in print and online and the new format had to fit both mediums. Purple Sage introduced a new thematic approach to Newmont's annual report to convey their desired message. The new design included rich and culturally relevant photography and a clean and simple layout, which helped to bring the company’s values and culture to the forefront. Purple Sage was able to then transfer the essence of the printed version into interactive elements for Newmont's web site.
... compelling messages for print and radio to drive interest and awareness of their EMBA program, as well as to generate higher attendance at the information sessions. The CU program needed to exhibit a competitive advantage and articulate those benefits through the chosen media outlets. Purple Sage designed an integrated approach to all elements of the campaign, which included print advertising. Web graphics mirrored the branding efforts of the print campaign and reflected targeted messaging to drive interest in the program. Radio spot placement completed the media mix. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in numbers of potential students attending the EMBA information sessions and a wait list of students. CU has retained Purple Sage each successive year since.

...culturally accurate, yet appealing to its young audience.  The illustrations had to articulate the depth of the stories without overshadowing the story lines. Purple Sage conducted thorough research on each subject to gain an understanding of the historical, cultural, and emotional significance of the story being told.  Illustrations had to closely resemble their subjects, as in the case of Cesar Chavez in the “On My Own Biography” series. Lerner Publishing Group was pleased with Purple Sage’s work. The full-color illustrations captured both the author’s sentiments and the young readers’ imagination. Cesar Chavez, was well received; Purple Sage was subsequently commissioned to produce illustrations for Juneteenth and Casey Jones.

...the brand we created when the organization launched over fifteen years ago. Establishing authority among the large pharmaceutical giants was their biggest goal. The foundation wanted to position itself as the “go to” central clearinghouse for research. Purple Sage created a strong brand position and an integrated suite of materials. The brand was developed to support The Angiogenesis Foundation’s messaging platform and speak to their respective target audiences effectively. The brand has stood the test of time and continues to receive positive feedback within the research community. The Angiogenesis Foundation is now known worldwide, having assisted more than 10,000 patients in over 30 countries find evidence-based angiogenesis treatments and clinical trials. 


...orgnization. The Wyoming Women’s Foundation needed to heighten the state of awareness about their organization. They wanted to educate the public and organizations about women’s issues in Wyoming and present themselves as a funding resource for women’s programs. Purple Sage created a distinctive brand identity to accomplish these goals. Our strategy was to follow the example of the foundation and focus on the very women represented by the organization. Purple Sage used compelling statistics to highlight issues that affect women in Wyoming. The rebranding also addressed the potential of women in Wyoming and emphasized that investing in them can yield great success. The initiative was met with high reviews from the board, staff and donors.